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Two central and related questions I will be addressing as part of this VR Experience are:

1) How one can move a typically non-diegetic element (the narrator) to a diegetic element in a VR.
2) Whether one can effectively employ mechanisms such as voice cloning / text to speech APIs for the voice of the Storyteller (and perhaps other characters).

The advantage of such an approach (Voice Cloning / Text to Speech) would be that the story script can be adapted, and new audio generated dynamically without the need for re-recording voice talent. Together with AI elements (voice interaction by the user and responses / actions / intents) decoupling these elements from the core environment built (in the case of this project in Unity means the story and AI can enhanced over time without having to rebuild and rerelease the experience as a whole.

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IRISH MYTHS, LEGENDS, & FOLKLORE Every story has a beginning, but in Irish mythology there are many beginnings, middle bits and ends. The Ulster cycle of mythology…

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